Vote Kis ka Imran khan ka Ya nawaz Sharif ka – Awami survey Election 2024

Vote Kis ka Imran khan ka Ya nawaz Sharif ka – Awami survey

Hum Sab Janty hain keh Elacetion 2024, 8 February 2024 ko hony ja raha hai, Is dafa dono ki matlab Imran khan Pakistan Tahreek E Insaf aor Mian Muhammad nawaz Sharif PMLN ma Muqabla Sakhat hai,
Imran Khan Jail main hain 3 Months se.
Imran khan jail main hony k bawajood unka Vote band hai Aor PIT ki position storng hian, is k sath hi PMLN ki b Position kafi strong hai.

However, political situations can change rapidly, and I do not have access to real-time news updates. To get the most current information about Imran Khan’s status, I recommend checking reliable news sources or websites for the latest updates on his situation,

As of my last update in January 2022, I cannot predict who will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2024. Political situations can change significantly over time, and new leaders may emerge or existing leaders may continue in office based on elections and other factors. To find out who the Prime Minister of Pakistan is in 2024, I recommend staying updated with reliable news sources for the latest information on Pakistani politics.

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