Prior Violations Google Play Developer Account Terminated

Prior Violations Google Play Developer Account Terminated

Prior Violations Google Play Account Terminated  This scary email from Google Play support team! Nowadays lots of Google Play Console accounts are being terminated for no reason. Google Play support team gives this strike a name known as Prior Policy Violations. As you know I am also a full-time app developer and I started work as an app developer in 2018. Can you believe it? My  30 Google Play Console accounts had been terminated in 2020-2021 but I never give up.

Prior Violations Google Play Developer Account Terminated

Prior Violations Cause

Google Play support team does not tell exactly the Reason Just send mail Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated, which is only due to an emotionless. Just pay 25 USD and publish your app on the play store and then when your applications reach success, there is that scary email from the Google Play Support Team, that sometimes only due to some minor policy Violations and many times due to no reason. This is the whole story of the Google Play Developer account.

Prior Violations Google Play Developer Account Terminated Solution:

I will suggest you read each and every notification sent to you by Google Play Support Team. This can protect against future mishaps. I tried to find out the solution, but I got nothing. I also appeal to my suspended developer account and another active developer account. got an automatic response from Google Play Team.

  • Read Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement
  • Google Play Team cannot be recovered.
  • Google Play Team no direct contact like chat and phone number.
  • Through Appeal From You will get an automated negative response from the Google Play team (After reviewing your appeal, we’ve confirmed our initial decision and will not be reinstating your developer account).
  • Google Play Team registration fee will not be refunded.
  • Your one Play account was terminated from Google play then you are banned for life.

Option 1:

You should buy a new Google Play Console account then do not use the Same old account details:

  • The same IP address
  • Same credit card
  • The email address was linked through a mobile number
  • AdMob ads
  • the payment information
  • Android App Keystore file

Option 2:

You can buy an old Google Play Console account from the seller. Follow these steps.

Do not use information from old suspended accounts.

  •  IP Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address
  • Internet connection