myco – Powered by MContent APP | Earn $10 Daily

myco – Powered by MContent APP | Earn $10 Daily

myco – Powered by MContent | Earn $10 Daily – Ever wondered how much money you could be making with those hours spent?
Watching series, live streams, or movies? You don’t need to wonder anymore. We’re changing the industry by empowering you, the audience.

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As a platform, we believe in the power of community. We don’t just give. Empowering viewers, but also content creators, by streaming, financing, producing, and distributing original film, television, and live content in a completely decentralized manner.

What do you like about myco?

1-Content creators as well as viewers get a chance to earn money.
2 On our platform you may find content that crosses borders
From series to original movies, documentaries, fashion to games, news and more!
3- Our content library is growing day by day.
4- Subscribe to your favorite channels, create your own content, share it with friends and watch it on any device.
5- We value your voice. We support content creators around the world with funding and production of original content.
6-We run our MContent token, which is linked to real-world assets, content.

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