Ms Word 2010 Introduction

Ms Word 2010 Introduction

Microsoft Word 2010 is part of the Microsoft Office. Its the main function is for producing documents that include text, graphics, table, clip art, etc. The most familiar application among the members of the Office is MSWord.

ms word 2010 interface

Features of Standard Word Processors

File Managment: 

Many words processors contain file management capabilities that allow you to create, delete, Move, and search for files.

Font specifications:

Allow you to change fonts within a document. For example, you can specify bold, italics, and underlining. Most words processors also let you change the font size and even the typeface.

ms word 2010 font interface


It allows you to embed illustrations and grabs into a document. Some word processor lets you create the illustration within the word processor; others let you insert an illustration produced by a different program.

Header, Footer, and Page Numbering:

Allows you to specify customized header and footers that the word processor will put at the top and bottom of every page. The word processor automatically keeps track of page numbers so that the correct number appears on each page.

Layout :

Allows you to specify different margins within a single document and to specify various methods for indenting paragraphs.


Allows you to merge text from one file into another file. This is particularly useful for generating many files that have the same format but different data. Generating mailing labels is a classic example of using merges.

Spell Checker:

A utility that allows you to check the spelling of words. It will highlight any words that it does recognize.

Table of contents and indexes:

Allow you to automatically create a table of contents and index based on special codes that you insert in the document.

Understanding Document Views:

In word 2010, you can display your document in one of five views: Draft, Web Layout, Print Layout, Full-Screen Reading, or Outline Layout.

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