Keywords Research course Urdu Hindi

Keywords Research course Urdu Hindi

Today! I will discuss Keyword research. Keyword Research is important for Ranking & Revenue. If you are select wrong Keyword then you wasted time & money. Newbie did mistake in Keyword Research then Failed in the Blogging world. I was facing Keyword Research issue for 2 years. I know every person don’t know Keyword Research. My students & Followers Asked the question for How to Keyword Research? then I have launched a Sample course Keywords Research course Urdu Hindi for a newbie at 12/11/16 on skillshare. My course 35  students enrolled my course. I was very happy! Thanks again my student & followers.


Keywords Research course Urdu

Keywords Research course Urdu Hindi

What is a keyword ?

Keyword is word. User are any word type in Google Search Engine. Like Keyword, Best Keyword, Profitable Keyword e t c called Keyword. Keyword Research 70% important in Ranking.
Keyword million users type Google Search every Day.

Keyword Types:-

Primary Keywords are three categories.

  1. Short Keywords    (Arif)
  2. Two words Keywords  (Muhammad Arif)
  3. Longtail Keywords  (Muhammad Arif Pakistan)

Types of Keywords in SEO

  1. Market-defining keywords
  2. Customer-defining keywords
  3. Product Keywords
  4. Industry thought leaders
  5. Competing company names
  6. Related vertical keywords
  7. Geo-targeted keywords


Four Major Types of Keywords

  1. Key phrases (long-tail keywords)
  2. Correlated keywords (or LSI [Latent Semantic Indexing] keywords)
  3. Contextual keywords

 Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid)

Free Tools:-

  1. Google Suggest

Google Suggest

Google Suggestion

2. Google Adword


4. Youtube Suggestion

Youtube Suggestion

Paid Tools:-

  1. LongTail Pro
  3. Semrush
  4. Moz Keyword Explorer
  5. Keyword Snatcher
  6. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

How to Select Keyword for Adsense?

You are using Google Adsense in a blog as a monetizing plan then you must be aware high CPC Keywords.   Keyword Research necessary for Adsense Web sites. You must check Monthly Searches, CPC (Click Per Cost), KC (Keyword Competition) for Adsense Website.

Searches: 3000/Monthly

CPC        $1.0

KC           Less than 25

LongTial Pro


How to Select Keyword for Affiliate Marketing?

You Should Keyword Research for affiliate marketing.

  1. Searches: 100/Monthly
  2. CPC:     0 No need
  3. Kc:  (Keyword competition)  less than 20.

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If you have any question about Keywords Research. Please comment below or Contact us.

Keywords Research course Urdu