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How to Increase Leads & Sales with Growth Funnel

Growth funnel is a marketing service. It is much helpful to personalize your conversion funnel. It encourages them to follow you on social media and to share your content and approaches visitors by their names. It makes a much-trusted relationship with the website visitors, and It drives directly to a huge social media following and more social media shares. A company must set me up with a test account to see what Growth Funnel can do. There will be amazing reviews and I believe that you will enjoy the reviews.

What Growth Funnel Can Do And How It Work’s

Growth Funnel concept is relatively straightforward. I use email marketing to personalize your messages to the website visitors, and it helps to increase the chances of a lead or growth. You can use it to direct traffic to a particular location.

There are few steps when you personalize or utilize Growth Funnel, and the very 1st step is to gather email addresses and names of visitors. Once you have received the information, then you can personalize future/upcoming messages to all the visitors who are on your on your mailing list. Here it provides services where you can promote your offers, discounts, competitions, downloads, eBooks and much more things. Also, you can assist them to follow you on social media and share your content or pages. Growth Funnel increase your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and other social networks. Social media sharing and also will help you to improve the ranking of the pages of your website. Growth Funnel comes in WordPress plugin. People who have WordPress sites find it much easier to install or download. All you need is to download a zip file or upload. Also, upload it through your administrator area or extract the zip files and upload it by file transfer protocol. Here I would like to tell you that the WordPress plugin nothing more than a Javascript code that works for your site. It doesn’t provide you any other option or additional settings there. It only connects to the server of Growth Funnel.

But Still, there’s an option to send the code someone else by email. This option will be useful if you are not the webmaster of your site you want to use it with Growth Funnel. When you install the code on your site, you have to verify it to make sure that you have done so and then click next. You will get a splash page that would tell you that it is the time to create your first funnel.

Performing Growth Funnels

The process of creating a new funnel is much easier. First, you have to select the funnel type which you can choose from the full-screen pop-up, growth link, inline, bar and from the slider. And nest you have to choose the template the that suites your site. All the templates are professional looking and richly colorful. Here you can find 12 pop-up templates, three full-screen templates, and six inline templates with two growth links templates. In the bar section, you only need to customise the message and then style directly using the visual editors. Visual editors enable you to customise your forms. Also, the design you select you can preview it to your desktop, mobiles, and tablets. With the editors, you can change all the headings and text and upload your images. Moreover, you can change the subscription fields, names, background color and the color schemes of buttons. Also, you can add a setup which allows users to share or like your websites on Facebook and Twitter. And the display rules let you decide when your forms are shown. A display series state is also available. For example, you can only display a form when a visitor arrives on an individual page of your website. And also, when they come from a particular source of Google. You can set the same condition to reject the visitors from seeing the form. Forms also can be targeted for desktop, mobile, tablet users. The sync panel of the Growth Funnel allows you to take the subscribers through a specified funnel. You can set up many groups according to your need.

The funnel offers you the excellent integration if emails. It can support over a dozen popular email marketing services such as GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and much more. Also, Zapier app support is available too. Zapier gives lots of chances to integrate Growth Funnel with other services. As you can see, the process of creating a funnel is so simple, and anybody can create it. Dashboard area also provides the reporting system, contact list, file upload and A&B testing.

Growth Funnel push notification

Push Notification system allows you to send immediate notification/information to subscribers through mobile, tablet or browser. With this system, you can specify the title URL, message, the image icon or symbol. To the right of the page of your message will look in Chrome, Android, iOS, and Firefox. You can send the message after several minutes or hours and days. Also, you can specify the exact date or time when you want to send the message, and the message will be delivered. The messages are sent to all subscribers by default, but you can also create a section and only send to particular subscribers. For example, the subscribers who have visited your certain pages and those who subscribed recently. Also, those who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have visited your site from other social networks for many times.

Getting Help From Growth Funnel

If your website is not connected to our Growth Funnel server accurately, then there is no need to get worried about it. You can get the access to the WordPress plugin at any time. You will be able to see more than twelve video tutorials that will guide you how to use Growth Funnel(most are in between longer than one to five minutes). Also, you will see a link to the documentation area. You can manage your profile in the profile area.

Also, you can set your websites, subscriptions, memberships, history, API key whether you opt into a weekly contact report. You can also log into your affiliate account from here too.

Growth Funnel Pricing

Growth Funnel comes with no BS pricing policy. The charge $25/moth for their service. If you pay monthly and an equivalent rate of $17/moth and if you pay annually, then you save $96 by paying each year instead of each month.Growth Funnel pricing plan allows an unlimited number of visitors and an unlimited number of subscribers and subscriptions. All of the features are included in the plan, so there is no hidden costs for any feature. The whole concept behind Growth Funnel is great.

You can ask people to subscribe, and when they are subscribed, then you can customise the other messages to them in various ways. It is an effective way of grabbing the attention of regular visitors.

We will recommend you Growth Funnel if you are looking for a way to connect with your visitors better. At a fixed rate of $25/moth or $17/month if you pay for a year, so it is the best and affordable marketing solutions available today.

Overall the Growth Funnel is the most advanced and solution which comes with great pricing.  The feature allows you to get connected directly to the Growth Funnel. Also, it comes with the easy installation and WordPress plugin. People who make new websites, they can get a large number of traffic from different social media platforms.

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