How to make a Landing Page Affiliate |CPA|Own Product

How to make a Landing Page Affiliate CPA Own Product

Today I am going to tell you How to make a Landing Page. I know that every Online marketer doesn’t know Programmer Language. Some Marketers are making a lot of mistake in creating a landing page. Landing Page is very important for Lead & Sale Generation. Are you Affiliate, CPA & Own Product Marketer. This Article for you.

What is Landing page?

Landing Page is web Page. We specially designed for User Landing.Users do land on Landing Page. Users Read Content, See Image, Watch Videos, then decide yea this product service for me. I should buy service or Product. I hope you understand What is Landing.

How to make a Landing Page Affiliate CPA Own Product

Landing Page Category

There are three main categories of the landing page:



  • Buy a Domain
  • Buy a Hosting
  • Website Builder

How to make a Landing Page with WordPress

  1. Word press Installation
  2. Theme Installation
  3. Plugin Installation
  4. Page Creation
  5. Add Image
  6. Add Video
  7. Add Button

Create Free Landing Pages
You want to create the free Landing page. Many websites are available in the market who offer free making landing Page. Some Popular website is

  • Wix.Com

Wordpress Theme

Hire Me

You can hire me for Landing page making WordPress or Custom
Wordpress Landing Page: $50
Custom Landing (Coding Script) $100
I am looking forward to working with you

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