How to Apply for Adsense on Blog or Youtube


What is Adsense?

Adsense is Free Product of Google. Google did launch this product June 18, 2003. Google Adsense is CPC Ad Network. Blogger or Youtuber can earn money with Google Adsense. You have a Blog or Youtube Channel then you can apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is showing on your blog or youtube on videos. Publisher Can generate revenue based on clicks or impressions. Publishers will get paid for clicks & Impression on ads appearing on their websites or Youtube. Example: Advertiser pays $1 to Google for each click on his ads, the AdSense publisher will get $0.68 and Google $0.32. You should Follow Adsense Rules & Term Conditions. Keep in Mind  If you don’t follow the rules then Your Google Adsense Account will be suspended. Adsense publishers get paid every 22 dates every month by Google.

Buy A Good Domain Name:
You buy Top level Domain (com, .org, .net) from Trusted Seller Like Godaddy, Dynadot, Qhoster & Alpnames e t c. Don’t use free domains example:  .tk, .ml, .cf, .ga,, e t c.

You should buy a perfect hosting. You know hosting is the backbone of website or blog.  
You must select the best Niche. I recommend! Education, Fashion, Technology, Health, Finance & How To et c. Don’t work these kinds of Niche News, Porn, Gambling, Download, Free Streaming.

Theme and Navigation
You choose a perfect theme. Keep in mind theme should be mobile responsive & should be SEO optimize. Add clear navigation.

Important Page
Important pages help you with Google Adsense Approval. (About us, Privacy Policy, Term & Condition & Contact us).

You must do Keyword Research.You write articles at least 40 Posts.

Keep in mind Articles must be Copyscape & Grammarly passed & User-friendly.One Article should be 550 to 2000 words. Add unique Image from free sources. Don’t use Copyrighted images.

How to Apply for Adsense on Blog?
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Class. I will Discuss in Class How to Apply for Google Adsense.


You must have Three hundred visitors per day from google search engine I mean Organic Traffics. Then You can apply for Google Adsense.

  1. First, go to the
  2. You should have a Gmail account then Click on Sign Up button.

Next Page


Add Website URL without “HTTP://” &

Select Content Language

Click on Save & Continue.

Fill Up AdSense contact information

Google Adsense Contact Information

You must put Correct information on the form.

Select a Country:

Select Time:

Account Type: Individual

Payee Name: in entering Full name

Street Address: Enter the Complete correct address. Google adsense Pin will be received at this address.

Enter City/Town name.

Enter Phone No.

Enter Postal Code.

How did you get to know Adsense? Select one option for online forum or Blog.

Email Preferences:  You should on all notification.

At Last Click on Submit Application.

Congratulation! You have created Adsense Account

adsense add code

Now Google Adsense Give you Code then You copy Ad code then click on checkbox after that You past code in the header section. Google Adsense team will review your application & Blog. Your Account will be activated within a week.

Adsense blogging

How to create Youtube Channel?

First You must have a Google Gmail Account. If you have no Gmail account then you should create a Gmail account.

Go to YouTube.Com and Click on sign in button.

Go to your channel list underscore switcher.

Click on Create a new channel Box.

Next page.

Enter Brand Account name I mean Channel Name. Click on Create Button.

Add Channel Logo & Cover. Congratulation! You have created Youtube Channel. Now You can upload videos to youtube.

You must have 10,000 views on the channel then You can apply for google adsense.

Go to then click on Youtube Channel Icon then click on Creator Studio.

After that Click on Channel Icon and Click on Monetization Enable Button. Next Page Click on Start Button. Youtube will redirect to Adsense Signup Page. You remembered! I did teach you How to Apply for Adsense on Blog? In the Second Lecture. Same method Adsense Sign up Blog and Youtube. adsense Account will be activated within the week.

How to Get Payment from Adsense?

You can Receive Payment from Adsense following Method.

  1. Western Union
  2. The Western Union is Available in Asia. You can withdraw Minimum $5000 dollars to western union.
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Check

First of all! Sign in with your AdSense account. click on Settings.

Next click on Click Payments.

Click Manage payment methods.

Click Add payment method.

In the “Add a payment method” section, enter your bank account information.

Click Save.

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