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Official link:

Official registration invitation code: 4766143Register and get 10,000 TRX for free, the minimum recharge is 100 TRX!

Earn 2 dollars
Mission update time is New York, USA: 00:00The platform has a long operation time and cash withdrawals can be made every day
Minimum 0.01 TRX
VIP1 recharges 100TRX and earns 10TRX every day
VIP2 recharges 1000TRX and earns 100TRX every dayVIP3 recharges 3000TRX and earns 300TRX every day
VIP4 recharges 8000TRX and earns 888TRX every dayVIP5 recharges 20,000TRX and earns 2,500TRX every day
VIP6 recharges 50,000TRX and earns 7,100TRX every dayVIP7 recharges 80,000TRX and earns 13,333TRX every day
VIP8 recharges 150,000TRX and earns 30,000TRX every dayVIP9 recharges 300,000TRX and earns 75,000TRX every day
VIP10 recharges 500000TRX and earns 166666TRX every dayGet rewarded for inviting others to your referral link. The more people join, the greater the reward, and the reward amount will be deposited directly into your account, and you can withdraw cash directly.
First reward:Group A members recharge 15,000 and get 10% reward
Team B members recharge 9000 and get 5% rewardTeam C members recharge 5000 and receive 3% reward
Second Prize: (calculated based on the amount recharged within 24 hours)
Recharge 1,0000TRX, upgrade to VIP1 for free, and get 300TRX rewardRecharge 50,000 TRX, upgrade to VIP2 for free, and receive 2,888 TRX rewards
Recharge 100,000 TRX, upgrade to VIP3 for free, and get 6888TRX rewardRecharge 300,000TRX, upgrade to VIP4 for free, and receive 23,888 TRX rewards
Recharge 600,000 TRXT, upgrade to VIP5 for free, and get 50,000 TRX rewardDeposit 800,000 USDT, upgrade to VIP6 for free, and receive 78888 TRX rewards
Deposit 1,000,000 USDT, upgrade to VIP7 for free, and get 110,000TRX rewardDeposit 2,000,000 USDT, upgrade to VIP8 for free, and receive 260,000 TRX rewards
Deposit 5,000,000 USDT, upgrade to VIP9 for free, and receive 800,000 TRX rewards

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