Free English Spoken Course

Free English Spoken Course

English Spoken is a massive problem for a newbie. We are face problem about English Speaking in Interviews, International Client dealing, Writing a blog post, & doing product reviews. We have not Communication skills. How to satisfy clients.

Mostly Newbie is working on the internet as a Freelancer.  Many clients missed for only English Language. We don’t know how to communicate with clients. How to write proposal for clients.

English Spoken course price almost $200 in an institute. It’s very high cost for the student. We will have to go daily institute. If We hire an online instructor then will charge price $100. But We must have a good internet connection & good Device (PC, Mobile, Tablet). Or We buy video training & ebook almost price $50 above.

I get English spoken training from an institute in the local city. He had charged $100 plus. After That, I am here & writing an article for you.

Free English Spoken Course

After Completing English Spoken, Your revenue may increase. Just Imagine! Article write charged $5/per. You can save a lot of money complete this course. You will write an article for a client.

I am going to start new series “Free English Spoken Course”  on blog and youtube channel. I hope This course very helpful for you.

In this course, you will learn!

  • Morphology (to Learn Vocabulary)
  • Syntax  (to Learn Grammar)
  • Phonetics(to Learn Pronunciation & Accent)
  • Confidence Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conversation Skills