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FaceBook Marketing

The plan includes tasks for blogging and social media with options for presentations, videos, and editorials:
See extras if you want me to write the article content for you too.

Do the following after delivery
  • Facebook Page Promotion
  • Write article and product description
  • Post and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Social media post
  • Content Marketing
  • Successful ads campaign to capture  potential clients
  • Sell your product quickly
  • Promote your Business Millions of people
  • To Get More Traffic for your Business

The goal is to help you build your presence online using blogging and social media. I have used this plan personally to build an amazing online business and I have helped thousands of others do the same.  Hopefully, you’ll have a similar, if not better success.

Basic Package
4 Posts
3.2k-8k Reach
Economy Package
10 Posts
8k-2k Reach
Premium Package
30 Posts
24k-60k Reach

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