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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to success in the world of online marketing. If you are running a massive or small business, or if your company producing a product and you are eager to distribute in the market among the people then you will have to run from all the marketing issues, whether it’s physical or online. Nowadays everyone is somehow involved in online marketing. Sometimes you purchase a product it could be an outfit or ordering a pizza, anything else you are buying directly or indirectly is connected with digital marketing based on SEO.

All the search engines like Bing or Yahoo and Google have their own and primary way of ranking websites and search results. In search engines, a website’s content or web pages or other content like local listings, pictures, videos are available and is ranking based on the search engine that most relevant to users.

If someone has the right tools for the project he is going to start, those tools will help him to work faster in a smart way. Tools can help dreaming up for the best and improved results for him. An excellent tool can create an amazing difference and some extra time that it would take to be done with the best output.

Search Engine starts with the right tool. So here we will be discussing some of the best SEO tools, easily available in the market. These tools are in a vast variety. It is covering many basic needs. The tool comes with different features, some of the tools are free, fast and much easy to use. But, some of the tools are only available in membership, premium or in heavy amount. We have collected some of the best tools that can be proved much helpful in your work. You must find out these tools to and start putting them to good use.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a complete SEO toolset. Moz Pro helps to improve your ranking and visibility in search engine. Moz Pro uses the proven matrix like Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Domain Authority and Page Authority help so much to boost your businesses, and individuals save their time. Also, it helps to compete for your competitor by making a keen strategy. If you have the premium version of this tool then feel free. Let this tool work hard for you. It analyses and generates all the site errors. Moz provides a platform with actionable insights, backlinks details, and this lets users polish their design and content evenly. Moz Pro keeps users up-to-date from variations many different tools like audit and prioritizes each based on their severity.
Moz Pro gives you a complete managing, ranking, and tracking. Also, The tool is so much easy to use. This tool has an amazing surprise with keyword research. So, eventually, it estimates SEO fixes and links. Moz Pro helps in producing the report in the different format and enhance the performance.
Moz offers a keyword research tool which gives you some actionable in-depth intuitive suggestions by concentrating long tail keywords. Moz keyword research tool provides the correct search volume. The volume of a keyword is access to more than 500.000 vetted keywords.

Semrush Premium Account

If you are willing to find some specific and profitable keywords than SEMRush tool is for you! Nowadays the SEO is at its peak, and every successful blogger tends to use SEO. Moreover, many old and newbies use SEMRush program to optimize their blog, website or online store. Also, it’s beneficial creating all the content for their audience. And, it helps to provide a good experience for the visitors.
SEMRush can be used on multiple sites which is the beauty of this tool. It doesn’t matter if you are using managing any popular website, blog, or e-commerce site which relies on Adsense or Revcontent. And, some other types of corporate websites which need to gain more traffic so that this tool can bring you happiness.
SEMRush works and identifies various tends against your niche. SEMRush audit helps to identify types of keywords and On-Page SEO. Also, it checks and provides you’re the details of backlinks and ranking position on any search engine.


Ahrefs considered as a powerful backlink checker tool in SEO. But, we must know that checking the backlinks is only one of many amazing things. Ahrefs is a great SEO tool in the field if internet marketing. Ahrefs tool improves all the algorithms to provide a user with the actual backlinks data. But, a user must follow new tends to find the reflection and unique features of Ahrefs. with the help of our Site Explorer tool, you may easily analyze your site’s backlinks profile and the sites of your competitors; this tool will come in handy if you want to explore most profitable keywords for organic and paid search.

Webtexttool Business Plan

SEO OPTIMIZATION starts with finding the best keyword. In only one click webtexttool gives important keyword insights for your text.
Webtexttool provides real-time optimization points which you can apply directly. You will build a fully optimized web text without spending any time.
For Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Craft CMS we have developed free plugins. There is also an add-in for Word. The plugins will support you optimize your content even express and easier.

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SEO Moz (Medium Plan)
SEMRush (Both Pro and Guru Plans)
BuzzSumo (Large Plan)
Grammarly (Premium Plan)
WordAi (Turing Plan)
Article Forge (Premium Plan)
LongTailPro (Pro Plan)
Warrior Forum (War Room Subscription)
WooRank (Premium Plan)
SkillShare (Premium Plan)
ClickMagick (Pro Plan)
SERPs (Agency Plan)
TeamTreeHouse (Pro Plan)
CrazyEgg (Pro Plan)
Netflix (Premium Streaming Plan)
Amazon Prime
WWE (Premium Plan)
Webtexttool (Business Plan)
CognitiveSEO (Professional Plan)
Lynda (Premium Plan)
Alexa (Advanced Plan)
CanIRank (DIY Agency Plan)
DeepCrawl (V2 Demo Plan)
Buffer (Large Plan)
Canva (For Work Plan)
LXRSEO (Small Business Model Plan)
Wordtracker (Gold Plan)
Unbounce (Premium Plan)
Basic Plan
No. 1 SEO Tools
GoAnimate (Vyond)
WP Themes
WP Plugins
$26 /month
Basic Plan (Special Browser) + Free RDP
No. 1 SEO Tools
Majestic SEO
Keyword Revealer
Register Compass
Helium 10
One Hour Indexing (No Loader)
WP Themes
WP Plugins
Stock Images Collection
Graphics Collection
+ High Demand Tools (Bonus)


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