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The daily task update time is 00:00 New York time.
The minimum withdrawal is 0.5USDT for the first time
After the first withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal is 2USDT
Withdrawal times: once a day
Withdrawal time: at any time
VIP0 accumulatively recharges 0 USDT, daily income 0.01USDT, daily tasks 1.
VIP1 accumulatively recharges 10 USDT, daily income 0.5USDT, daily tasks 1.
VIP2 accumulatively recharges 40 USDT, daily income 2USDT, daily tasks 2.
VIP3 accumulatively recharges 90 USDT, daily income 5.4USDT, daily tasks 3.
VIP4 accumulatively recharges 290 USDT, daily income 18USDT, daily tasks 4.
VIP5 accumulatively recharges 890 USDT, daily income 60USDT, daily tasks 5.
VIP6 accumulatively recharges 2490 USDT, daily income 180USDT, daily tasks 6.
VIP7 accumulatively recharges 5990 USDT, daily income 490USDT, daily tasks 7.
VIP8 accumulatively recharges 14990 USDT, daily income 1500USDT, daily tasks 8.
VIP9 accumulatively recharges 29990 USDT, daily income 4050USDT, daily tasks 9.
VIP10 accumulatively recharges 49990 USDT, daily income 9800USDT, daily tasks 10.
invitation bonus
Get 7% of deposits of first-level invited users
Get 2% of deposits of second-level invited users
Get 1% of deposits of third-level invited users
For example
A invites B
B invites C
C invites D
If D deposits 1000USDT
C can get 70 USDT
B can get 20 USDT
A can get 10 USDT
Daily team recharge 500USDT,reward 15USDT
Daily team recharge 1000USDT,reward 30USDT
Daily team recharge 5000USDT,reward 150USDT
Daily team recharge 10000USDT,reward 300USDT
Daily team recharge 50000USDT,reward 1000 USDT
Daily team recharge 100000USDT,reward 3000 USDT
After 00:00 every day,apply for the team recharge reward of the previous day.

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