App Removed Violation Of User-Generated Content UGC on Play store

App Removed Violation Of User-Generated Content UGC on Play store

Your App Removed Violation Of User-Generated Content Guidelines from Play store or Your app rejected from Google Play Console. In this article, I will share the proven method of how to solve the UGC issue. I will explain What is UGC? Causes of UGC and Solution. Let’s Start! UGC means Users contribute or participate by content or photo in your app. Mostly this issue faced chat application and also these application face this issue Forum app, Text App, Comment App, Review App or any app who allow to users contribute by content. These kinds of UGC that are not allowed on Applications include content written to Duplicate content harass, abusive language, sexual content, or any kind of abusive content, and hacking or cheats links, etc.

App Removed Violation Of User-Generated Content

Application Type (User-Generated Content)

Users contribute contents in these applications as like Examples User-Generated Content Apps:

  • Live-streaming apps
  • Text Chat Apps
  • Video Chat Apps
  • Photos sharing apps
  • Forum Apps
  • Movies Apps etc

UGC (User-Generated Content) Causes:

When users contribute content in your app against Restricted Content then the Google Play Team removes your application from the Play store. Read more Google Policy Center.

How to fix UGC (User-Generated Content) Issue?

You should be blocked who users post against UGC policy or Add a filter in the app that auto-deletes content against UGC Policy.

In the start app show alert!

Warning UGC!!

User-Generated Content Policy (UGC)

[If you are going to use this app then accept these policies]

* I will not use any abusive language in this app.
* I will respect other users.
* I will not share any sexual content o any kind of abusive content.
* I will not harass anyone.
* I will not send any hacking or cheats links

If you accept the above conditions then use the app otherwise uninstall and leave.


Most users saw this alert message and follow rules.

If your app removed due to UGC Policy then an Add-in Application Alert message or add an auto filter system. after that upload a new APK version and update. Your application lives on the play store for 1 to 7 days. App also removes due to Metadata Policy Violation. This article will help you a lot.