Android App Publish on PlayStore in Lowest cost

We will Publish  Android App on PlayStore at the Lowest cost. We have multiple Playstore accounts. If you have no programming skills! no worry! We will build your Android app as per your requirement. What are you waiting for? We are looking forward to working with you.

Android App Publish Requirements

Title 50 words

  • The title should not exceed more than 50 words.
  • Your title should not be plagiarized or copied or matched with some famous
  • Your title should be user-friendly means it should attract users at first sight.

Short description 80 words
This description will be displayed on mobile devices. It should not exceed more than 80 words.

Full description of 4000 words
This description will include the whole features of your application with detailed information.
These details also follow the same rules that your information should not be plagiarized copied or matched with any famous brand or another application.

Graphic Assets
540 x 960 Screenshots 8
Your application functionality should be properly defined in an easy manner with screenshots. Each functionality should carry its own screenshot so the user could attain better experience with your application.

Icon with alpha 512 x 512 png
The application icon should be with 512 x 512 png with alpha text.

Feature Graphics
alpha 1024 w x 500 h png

Developer Email ID
You need an email id (Gmail) to publish your application.

Developer Website
You need a website to publish your application.

Privacy Policy
The privacy policy is the backbone of the application. It shall include the application.
Release_apk(signed apk)
Your application must contain a signed apk not a simple apk.

App Publishing Cost

If you want to get an individual Playstore Account then it’s Price $25 for a Lifetime. That’s why I don’t recommend you to create an individual account. You must have a credit card to create a Play store account. Google can terminate your account at any time due to its user terms and conditions without letting you know any specific reason.

We will publish any android application to Google Play Store. Those people who do not have a google play store account can build their apps and publish using our tremendous Services.

Note: Spam App Not Allow. In the case of app suspension by google, I am not able to help you or anybody else. Then No Money Refund And Not Again App Publish Application…
I will delete your app permanently !!