Adobe Photoshop CS5 Complete Course Urdu and Hindi

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Complete Course Outline
Adobe Photoshop CS5 interface
Move Tool
Rectangular Marquee Tool
Elliptical Marquee Tool
Single Row Marquee Tool
Single Column Marquee Tool
Lasso Tool
Polygonal Lasso Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool
Quick Selection Tool
Magic wand Tool
Crop Tool
Slice Tool
Slice selection Tool
EyeDropper Tools
Color Sampler Tools
Ruler Tool
Note Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool
Healing Brush Tool
Patch Tool
Red Eye Tool
Brush Tool
Pencil Tool
Color Replacement Tool
Mixer brush tool
Clone Stamp tool
Pattern Stamp tool
History Brush Tool
Art History Brush Tool
Eraser Tool
Background Eraser Tool
Magic Eraser Tool
Gradient Tool
Paint Bucket Tool
Blur Tool
Sharpen Tool
Smudge Tool
Dodge Tool
Burn Tool
Sponge Tool
Pen Tool
Freeform Pen Tool
Add Anchor Point Tool
Delete Anchor Point Tool
Convert Point Tool
Horizontal Type Tool
Vertical Type Tool
Horizontal Type Mask Tool
Vertical Type Mask Tool
Path Selection Tool
Direct Selection Tool
Rectangle Tool
Rounded Rectangle Tool
Ellipse Tool
Polygon Tool
Line Tool
Custom Shape Tool
Hand Tool
Rotate View Tool
Zoom Tool

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