AdMob Ad serving has been limited Problem Solved With Proven Method

AdMob Ad serving has been limited

Admob Team found any fraud and bad ad experiences then place a limit on the number of ads your AdMob account. Ads limits duration is less than 30 days, it may take longer in some cases. In Account Ads limits! Admob team checks Traffic quality and Invalid traffic issue. If Ads limits place in your account then does not remove ads from Apps. You only focus on app ranking and promotion. Sometimes Admob account permanently disabled due to Ad limits.

Don’t Remove or Delete ads. Only Wait patiently

Nowadays every app developer-facing problem AdMob Ad serving issue. In this article, I will tell you How to solve AdMob Ads limits with Proven Method. AdMob Ad serving is a new policy from Admob for the publisher. I also faced this issue in my two Admob Account but I never give up. I applied a lot of techniques and tricks to my AdMob account. Finally, After 3 months I succeed. My one Admob account had suspended due to invalid activity but one Admob account is working fine. I receive many messages and mail from followers “Hi Arif! How did you solve the Ads serving limits”. I also helped all followers. Many followers problem solved with my technique. You must know the Ads limit of reason, Frist is low app traffics and the Second is the Admob Account issue.

What is AdMob Ad limits?

Admob Ads are not shown in your app. 2 to 3 show ads show in-app within 24 hours. Get more information on Admob help center AdMob program policies.


AdMob Ad serving limits  Types

AdMob Ad serving is two types:

  • Ads limited [Account is being assessed]
  • Ad serving  limited [Invalid Traffic Concerns]

Ad serving limits Account is being assessed

[The account is being assessed]. mean your Admob account is being monitored by Google Admob Team.

Ad serving  limits Invalid Traffic Concerns

Invalid Traffic Concerns mean Google Admob checks your App traffics.

AdMob Ad limits Solution:

You should do not Remove or Delete ads from Admob and Application. Only Wait patiently and Increase traffics. You should have daily Users of 2k+.

Mostly Ad limits removed in 7 to 15 days in case of Invalid Traffic Concerns.  The account is being assessed case takes time 30 days.

You are Ad serving has been a limited problem then contact our Support team.  The support team will help you.