about me

My name is Muhammad Arif. I am the owner of ArifExpert.Com. I started online work in 2014. 

My Story

After matric exams, I was confused about what I do. One day! I saw brochure Admission Open Dispenser Class then I got admission in Paramedical School. I had passed Dispenser 2013. Then I was starting work at Clinical Lab as a Laboratory Technician. Part-Time I Started Personal Clinic “Arif First Aid & Health Care Center”.

My life was going well. Once a day! 

Friend said me 

How much earn today? 

I said! 300 PKRS/dailly.

Friend: I have earned today $20 from the Internet. 

I shocked! How is that possible. The friend showed me a Skrill  Account Balance. 

I said to friend Please teach me! How I can start online earning.

The friend answered: Our Boss said! Don’t train other peoples.

I said, Ok

After that I  decided, I will earn money online.

I started the search in Google How to make money online.

I found CPA MobPartner. I started work MobPartner. Payout minimum $50. After 2 months I had completed $50. I was happy. I went Net Cafe I made account MoneyBookers (Skrill). I added id MobPartner (Cheetah MediaLink) account and I requested a payout. A few hours later one mail received Your account has been Terminated. 🙁 🙁 Oh My God. After that, I was searching again in Ad Network, CPA Network, etc. I founded the Wap4dollar.Com CPC network. I started work with Wap4Dollar.com. This ad network owner is Muhammad Abul Hasan Liton from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was a nice guy.  First payment was received 1.04 $ (2014-09-12 17:23:24 ) from Wap4dollar.Com in Moneybooker (Skrill) Account. I found a new Indian ad network. Wapdollar.in. the owner was Rajdeep Kumar. I received first payment $1042 and that was like an AHA moment in life. I opened a Bank account. I had withdrawn the first payment from ATM 10,000 PKRS. I left my job & I closed Clinic. I started full-time work on the internet.


  • Matric (BISE DGK) 2011
  • FA  (AIOU)  2016
  • B.A (AIOU ) 2019
  • M.A (GU DGK) Continuos


  • Civil Defence General Training 2009
  • Basic Life Support Orientation Course 2009
  • Introduction to Computers (NIIT) 2010
  • Dispenser (PMF LHR) 2013
  • Web Development (NICT) 2017
  • CCA (NICT) 2017
  • English Language & Skills Development 2017
  • SEO (MLN) 2018
  •  Facebook Advanced Marketing & ECom 2018
  • Foundation Training Certificate (PQFT) 2019 
  • Computer Hardware & Network Professional 2019

Physical Experience

  • Dispenser 2 Years 
  • Clinical Lab & E-Ray Technician 2 Years
  • Insurance 6 months
  • Computer Operator 2 Years
  • Teaching 1 Year

Online Experience:

I did work with multiple companies. I have 5 Years of experience in Online work.

  • Wap4dollar.Com
  • Wapdollar.in
  • Munion.in
  • Ademoney.Com
  • UcUnion.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Fiverr.Com
  • Google Adsense
  • AdMob
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • StartApp

Earning Sources

  • Online & Physical Teaching
  • Digital Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • App Development
  • Freelancing


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